Top 10 Oddest Search Strings

The joy of owning a domain is checking out what search string led viewers to your site. Here's a list of my top ten favorite from 2004:

| 10. giant gerber daisy (um...)
| 9. burlgar photos (how 'bout searching for "spell check" next time)
| 8. obedience -dogs (ok, ok... I can see it)
| 7. assyria food food (as opposed to assyria drink drink?)
| 6. move over butter theme (grr... now it's stuck in my head again)
| 5. flash animation naked (it's sad how many hits I get off of this)
| 4. safe ant mound drench -fire (this one lost me...)
| 3. deciduous forest's food web (what the...)
| 2. cinder block robber video (what's the fascination with thieves?!)
| 1. napoleon dynamite music for a found harmonium (heck yes it's #1)